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"Most awesome service and attention to every detail of good customer service. If that wasn't enough the food was excellent well prepared hot and yummy. Don't miss out on the've never tasted anything like this!"

"I was probably 10 years old when this place came to be and had already been visiting my grandparents regularly in Sunset Beach. I always have and always will call it "The Brother-Sister Place" because that's just how I always remembered it- two siblings own it, work together, and make awesome, southern comfort food. I've been a vegetarian for the majority of my life and I can still order a full meal of sides (but I do recall the chicken fingers being quite delicious). My whole family though knows how much I love their Mac and cheese. In fact, my grandfather will call the day before I visit and make sure they'll have it on the day I arrive because it's always our first stop on our return from the airport. And they always hold some for me :)"

"Great service, delicious home cooking, a nice change of pace from the tourist scene, menu offers variety and includes daily specials, good for kiddos too...AND perfect iced tea!"

"I want to move to Calabash just so I can eat here everyday.  When I visit my parents, this is the place we go to that we don't even have to ask if everyone wants to go.  Of course we all want to go - even my notoriously picky 8-year old.
I won't insult the place by saying it's home cooking (because that's an insult in *this* home anyway).  In all seriousness, it is great.  Big portions at amazing prices.  A huge pet peeve of mine is paying $2 for a drink at restaurants but the tea is included at Beach Drive Diner!!  Sweet tea is great and readily refilled by the wonderful staff who circulate and seem to hate seeing a tea glass that isn't filled to the tippy top.  
Excellent choice of entrees and sides - there's truly something for everyone.  And their milk gravy - yum!  Vegetarians can get a plate full of sides.  It gets really busy during peak times - a testament to casual, great food at even better prices."

"I saw Beach Drive Diner once when I was just roaming around, i was hungry that time, so I did not hesitate on trying the restaurant. AT first it looks like a barn to me, but as i entered the place, I can already smell the aroma of their food, i can't wait to try and taste they're food. The service was good, they were helpful for first timers like me. I love how their food have large servings, and the food is just perfect. I felt like they were my family cooking for me. I would definitely visit this place again with my family!"

"This place is awesome! We have been going for 5 years now and every meal is wonderful. Great prices and we cam afford to eat out every night on vacation!!! Give it a try you won't be disappointed!"

I had a great experience at Gravy! It is a small restaurant, so seating is somewhat limited. However, the food is simply outstanding! You receive large portions for an excellent price. I didn't see any unappetizing plates being brought out to the tables. The wait staff was very attentive, and I never ran low on tea. I will be going to Gravy again! They also have a pick up window if you want carry out.

 Southern food at it's best. Professional and courteous service followed up by some of the best calabash seafood I've had. All of this for under 10 bucks a person makes this place a home-run for people looking for great food and service for an outstanding price. Also we arrived around 30 min before closing (unknowingly) and were never rushed or made to feel as we were unwanted. These types of details are what makes a great place great and Gravy has truly gone above and beyond to make themselves a wonderful place to dine.

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