Customer Reviews


*I’m a Johnson and wales culinary graduate and can be a big critic on food and restaurants. This place though, this place is just a dream restaurant for someone like me and is my favorite place to eat in the surrounding area.  It’s a small restaurant but this place everyone works well together and would hardly notice as they flip the tables. The waitstaff here works together and makes sure that every table’s needs are met and taken care of asap. The food here tastes great and they give you food that warms the soul just as I was at my own table at home eating. They don’t specialize in seafood but they have the best seafood in calabash, hands down!!! Don’t stop there though the daily specials are wonderful as well and vegetable sides are made like grandma was cooking. Great job Gravy Southern eatery, keep up the great work and just keep doing your culinary thang!:)

*As said by others The Seafood here ranks heads and tails above anything in Calabash.   The Service is fantastic and they offer a large array of Specialties besides seafood.   There is always a wait but its well worth it.  The Prices are outstanding  and after 20 years in business they have mastered this and only get better with age.

*The service is impeccable. The food is for pleasure and comfort. The atmosphere is cozy and friendly. Even if you don't care for meatloaf or carrot cake.....try it, they may change your mind!

*There is a reason there is a line out the door from open to close.  Think about it.   the food is phenomenal.   The Shrimp is Deveined and larger in size than any restaurant around and hands down the best.  Yes its very busy and the staff is busy but they take good care of you.   On another note most of the restaurants in town close during off season due to lack of business.This one doesn't need to they line up even in the winter

Stopped in at this cozy neighborhood place called Gravy on our last day in the area. Had I known earlier we would have eaten here every single day. The food is absolutely outstanding and the prices amazing. We ordered fried local shrimp and couldn't believe the huge plate. The seafood was delicious ! Their peach cobbler is like heaven. Highly recommended and cannot wait to go back!